cécile bouffard                                                                                                                                                      cv / texts

Ricochette, 2022
      Le berceau, Marseille
                    duo show avec Anne Bourse  

Stubborns, 2022
∗bois, peinture acrylique, métal, textile

Stubborns, 2022
∗bois, peinture acrylique, métal, latex, textiles

Enthousiasme III, 2022
∗bois, peinture acrylique, métal, textiles

Orianne Durand sur l’exposition Ricochette

Sitting on his sofa, the detective ricochets in his head to solve the enigma. Packaged objects, tossed from one window to another, the message gets through. Obsession, hand movement, back and forth, from scribbling to scratching, Anne Bourse (*1982, live and work in Paris)'s works, everyday objects, a bed, a curtain, a lamp, marked with the imprint of the pen until softness becomes pain, or the opposite. Hello, yes, talk to me, tell me. The hand's brain disconnects, each one lives its own life. Cécile Bouffard (*1987, live and work in Paris)'s work likes to create confusion. What is this thing? Comforting, soft but hard form, functional contours but not a wink, witchcraft. The clues accumulate, the perception shifts to the other side, to the familiar, the strange or the uncomfortable. To the body but also to the brain, they fit inside, with its curves slip, to the envy of burning the wings.